not again. SID generation is broken.

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Fri Dec 18 20:21:44 GMT 1998

i just examined the output from (on 2.0.0beta4, MACHINE.SID; on main cvs
branch <sid_name>.SID) the sid file:


or somesuch.

the S-1-5-21 is wrong.  it _would_ be correct if we were using
hexadecimal.   as we are not using hexadecimal, this is read in as:


it should have been written out as S-1-5-33... in decimal so that it reads
in as S-1-5-21 in hex.

a fix to this will only affect head branch users, not samba-2.0.0beta
users.  comments anyone?

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