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Date: Monday, December 21, 1998 7:24 AM
Subject: Re: SAMLOGON UDP request

>On Sun, 20 Dec 1998, Andrew Tridgell wrote:
>> > ah, good point.  it would be useful for there to be code in samba that
>> > says:
>> >
>> > if (name_type == 0x1b)
>> > {
>> > process_getbackuplist_req(...)
>> > }
>> >
>> > instead of just accepting it from any netbios name, which is completely
>> > wrong.
>> why? Is there some client that sends a getbackuplistreq to the "wrong"
>> netbios name?
>i don't know of one specifically, but i bet there are some.
>> If there is, then why should be refuse to reply?
>netbios names have specific purposes.  it's a bit like receiving an http
>request on an SMTP port and answering with a valid http response as if
>nothing at all was wrong.

Can't a system only have one Netbios name, but many Netbios aliases?  That's
how Samba implements it, anyway.  What's the hex-last-character difference,
btw?  Is there one?

include = smb.conf.%L    is such a wonderful thing.

However, I must admit...I do wish smbclient would be more flexible.  It'd be
nice to do something like:

smbclient -I

and recieve a "virtual listing" with something like

so I'd type

smb>  cd \\NETBIOS_A
smb>  ls

and recieve


and so on.

Heh, if nobody wants to help me with Doxprint, this is something else :-)

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