Can't seem to get my W2K professional WS to join Samba domain

Gaston & Shelley Larochelle larocheg at
Sun Sep 16 08:29:02 GMT 2001

Hy everyone,

                I am having problems getting my W2K WS to join my Samba domain.I am using version 2.2.1a of Samba and SP2 on my WS.It seems every time I try & join the domain I get either "invalid username or bad password." or "something about a set of credentials"I have read and tried all hints in the PDC2.2.0 How-To and FAQ but to no avail.Is there a sample smb.conf file I could base myself on or is my problem DNS related?!Any help would be greatly appreciated.I had things working with Windows ME without a problem.

                                    Thanking You In Advance,

                                     Gaston Larochelle
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