HELP. 2.2.2 PDC with NIS

David Highley dhighley at
Fri Nov 30 09:08:04 GMT 2001

"Whitewolf wrote:"

Modify your e-mail settings to send plain text and not duplicates of

> Ok, I have searched the archives and done numerous trials to get this =
> working and it isn't.
> Situation: Linux running NIS (for other Unix systems info, users, =
> automounts etc) which works
> just fine. Samba running in Share access mode, using users and unix =
> permissions with plain
> text passwords.=20

Should be using encrypted passwords.

> Needed: What I need is to have a samba PDC which will use the NIS =
> information for usernames
> and passwords for domain authentication. If I use smbpasswd then this =
> will no longer allow the=20
> NIS information to be used.=20

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