Directory perms

Gary MacKay Gary at
Fri Nov 30 14:06:44 GMT 2001

OK, I've never had a problem with this before, and now three of my
clients are complaining. I can't seem to get the directory/file perms
right. I have a "public" share that everyone is allowed to use however
they wish. Beneath that there is a set of "nickname" directorys that
only certain users can have access to. They should be able to read, but
not write.

//server/public (0777)  chowned root:root
//server/public/nickname1 (0744)  chowned: root:nickname1
//server/public/nickname2 (0744)  chowned: root:nickname2
//server/public/nickname3 (0744)  chowned: root:nickname3

Same basic problem elsewhere also. I can set the share permissions in
the actual directory that is shared. Works fine. I just can not figure
out how to set different perms on any of the subdirectories of a share.
I'd rather not share each one seperately. One some of my bigger systems,
there aren't enough letters in the alphabet!!

I've played around with the smb.conf settings such as "force
user/group", "valid user/group", etc. but they only apply to the actual
"shared" directory, not the sub's under it.

- Gary

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