suddenly users cant log on from certain PCs....

Ariel Mella samba at
Fri Nov 23 08:18:33 GMT 2001

i getting desesperate...
all is working fine..
about 6 of 600 PC´s suddenly with no appear rason, cant log on to my samba
PDC. i probed with users that can log on onto the rest of the machines but
in these 6 is imposible to log. this 6 renegades PCs were working ok until 2
or 3 days..
when the first of the 6 renegades comes with the problem i think that could
be a problem of Win9x networking.. but the number increases from 1 to 6 in
one day... and i want to know why this is happened because i have afraid
that the others PCs come renegades too..
PCs win9x/Me client loguin to samba PDC.
the samba have the users and password..
i check the users password expirry and try to log with users that can log on
to another workstation.


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