NIS+ solutions ? [was: A question about Auth Backends]

Doug Marcey dougm at
Wed Mar 28 01:39:05 GMT 2001

How do you use LDAP for your win domain logons? Do you use samba? Or are you
using Win 2000?

I am just curious because I have found no good way to point WinNT 4.0 to an
LDAP server for auth.


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> "David A. Mason" wrote:
> > As I understand it, it is possible to authenticate to anything
> that Linux
> > uses for user authentication, such as LDAP or Kerberos or NIS+, provided
> > encrypted passwords is turned off.
> So, how do i authenticate Win-Shares AND unix users on a SunOS4 box
> against LDAP ?
> Anyways, our NIS+ server is running Solaris 2.5, which does not set
> the expiry field correctly, so it is not possible to setup Linux
> boxes against NIS+... sure, upgrading the old NIS+-server would be the
> first step here, but...
> At the current time, we use LDAP for Win domain logins,
> and NIS+/NIS-replica´s/NIS for unix logins. I still cannot
> see a migration plan for this setup. Any hints ?
>  Cheers, Peter

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