Joining CVS-PDC with W2K terminal server

Greg J. Zartman greg at
Thu Mar 22 16:04:57 GMT 2001


A couple suggestions:

1.  Make sure that you are not using the NETBEUI network protocol.
2.  On the client WINS settings (Win2k machines), make sure you do not have
Disable Netbios over TCP/IP selected.
3. Check the nmbd.log on the Samba server to make sure that Samba is
declaring itself the master domain browser.
4. Try adding the machine manually on the Samba server prior to joining a
client machine to the domain.  Instructions are in the Samba PDC FAQs.
5. When I join Win2k machines to a domain, I use the "Properties" button (In
the Network Identification Tab), not the Network ID button.  I've had
problems with the later, although I have no idea why.
6.  I'm not sure if this makes a difference as I haven't played around with
it enough, but I always modify the computer name (Click the More button in
the Identifications Changes Window) and type my domain name in the Primary
DNS suffix of this computer text box.

As always, I'd check the samba logs for errors and use the smbstatus and
smbclient utilities on the samba machine to insure that I am getting
expected behavior from Samba.

Good luck.


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Hello folks,

we are having trouble at the studentslaboratory at the University in
Trondheim, Norway. We want a Sun 250 running Solaris 8 function as a PDC
for a W2k terminalserver, due to replace all NT-installation on our

The sambaserver is running the very latest cvs-source, and it functions
as a PDC for our WinNT clients. But we can't get the W2K server to join
our domain (which name is of 6 characters). I've read every other post
on this list and tried to follow the tutorials given there. This

  - adding the w2k server to the /etc/passwd on the sambaserver
  - removed the w2k server from smbpasswd on the sambaserver
  - adding a root account in smbpasswd   ('smbpasswd -a root')
  - made root a member of the admin group mentioned in smb.conf
  - smb.conf taken from samba-pdc-howto.txt

but we only get the message "The credentials supplied conflict with an
existing set of credentials".

Håvard Berland                                berland at

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