using %G in smb.conf include statement

Kevin Chan kkc at
Wed Mar 21 18:49:20 GMT 2001

I am trying to configure my samba 2.0.7 smb.conf file so that only the 
shares of the appropriate groups will be displayed.  Thus, I have added 
this statement near the end of my smb.conf file:

include = /etc/samba/smb.conf.%G

and I have included the appropriate shares in the group smb.conf config 
file.  This is not something that was made explicit in any documentation 
that I have read, but I thought that it shouldn't be a problem.  However, I 
am getting a very strange problem that I cannot pinpoint (I have used 
smbclient and net use among other methods of troubleshooting).  Here are 
the symptons in detail.

When I restart smbd and nmbd, I can see all the shares from Network 
Neighborhood (Win NT 4.0 SP6), but when I try to access them, I get an 
error dialog box saying "network name cannot be found" and if I reload at 
this moment, I get only the shares on the main smb.conf (if any are listed) 
and those I can access fine.  A couple of odd things that occur are 1) 
sometimes I can access one of these shares, but when I go back up one 
level, I will only see this share and will not be able to access any other 
shares; 2) if I use the net use command before I view the shares on network 
neighborhood, I will not only connect properly, but the shares on network 
neighborhood will ALL work!  But only for a while, then it reverts back and 
forth (this seems to always be the case) between not browsing/no access and 
working perfectly fine.

So this is giving me a headache...and I suspect it has to do with the 
include line, but I am quite sure that the usage of %G is correct (it is 
displaying the correct shares from the correct auxiliary smb.conf 
file).  So any help to fix this problem or another solution to splitting up 
the browsing of shares based on groups will be welcomed.

Thanks in advance,
Kevin Chan
Administratvie Computing
UC Berkeley

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