using %G in smb.conf include statement

Christian Barth barth at
Wed Mar 21 20:04:32 GMT 2001

Just a little hint, which may also be related to an other problem 
with %u, ... today in this list:
These parameters can only work once samba knows the group, user, .... 
but parts of browsing and the begin of the conection to a share are 
done with out these as nobody.

In my expirience the network neiborhood mainly causes troble. Wy not 
setting "browsable = no" to all / most of the share and connect them 
with a loginskript to fixed drives. (BTW: fixed drive letters on a 
network are very handy for ReadMe's, manuals, .....)


> I am trying to configure my samba 2.0.7 smb.conf file so that only the 
> shares of the appropriate groups will be displayed.  Thus, I have added 
> this statement near the end of my smb.conf file:
> include = /etc/samba/smb.conf.%G
> and I have included the appropriate shares in the group smb.conf config 
> file.  This is not something that was made explicit in any documentation 
> that I have read, but I thought that it shouldn't be a problem.  However, I 
> am getting a very strange problem that I cannot pinpoint (I have used 
> smbclient and net use among other methods of troubleshooting).  Here are 
> the symptons in detail.
> When I restart smbd and nmbd, I can see all the shares from Network 
> Neighborhood (Win NT 4.0 SP6), but when I try to access them, I get an 
> error dialog box saying "network name cannot be found" and if I reload at 
> this moment, I get only the shares on the main smb.conf (if any are listed) 
> and those I can access fine.  A couple of odd things that occur are 1) 
> sometimes I can access one of these shares, but when I go back up one 
> level, I will only see this share and will not be able to access any other 
> shares; 2) if I use the net use command before I view the shares on network 
> neighborhood, I will not only connect properly, but the shares on network 
> neighborhood will ALL work!  But only for a while, then it reverts back and 
> forth (this seems to always be the case) between not browsing/no access and 
> working perfectly fine.
> So this is giving me a headache...and I suspect it has to do with the 
> include line, but I am quite sure that the usage of %G is correct (it is 
> displaying the correct shares from the correct auxiliary smb.conf 
> file).  So any help to fix this problem or another solution to splitting up 
> the browsing of shares based on groups will be welcomed.
> Thanks in advance,
> Kevin Chan
> Administratvie Computing
> UC Berkeley

In a world without walls and fences, who needs windows and gates? (SUN)

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