question about Samba in a windows network

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Hi Pim,
HP-UX 11.0 ships with Samba; you can find it on your application CD set
"CIFS/9000 Server".  A copy of the HP installation and configuration guide
will step you thru this is in the docs directory once you run swinstall to
install the
product.  It will step you thru using a "samba_setup" script which will
configure your
smb.conf file appropriately for either DOMAIN, SERVER, USER, or SHARE mode
security, and 
automatically join your HP-UX samba box to the NT Domain you are using for
Give this a try first.  In addition, if you want to use the LATEST samba
release, 2.0.7, which is much better with WIN2K clients, you can pull that
version for free off of the web site, under the section named "Network & System


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I'm trying to setup Samba 2.0.6 on HP-UX 11.0 in a Windows network.
Unfortunately, this is a Windows only network (no DNS server for instance,
only WINS...).

When users here are using their normal Windows9x installs on their laptops.
they authenticate with a NT server. This server uses a username and password
for this. How this is exactly configured I don't know.

What I want to do is have my Samba box verifying username and password with
this server, and then let the user be able to browse his homedirectory on
the server. I can match their NT username with the UNIX username with this
username map feature, and this seams to work fine..

I cannot get this to work :-(
Can someone please give me a decription on how I could try to do this? Which
settings in the smb.conf are crucial here, and how do I set this? I did
quite some doc-reading but I lack the experience to find what I need. 

Best regards,

Pim Bliek

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