Setup Questions

Rich Forman samba at
Wed Mar 7 14:47:40 GMT 2001

I am setting up 2.2 (cvs March 5) on RH7 following the Howto and FAQ from
the Samba web site.  I have a few questions/observations:

1. I wrote smb.conf per the Howto and afterwards testparm gives me grief
over the oplocks entry in [homes].  If I remove the oplocks entry then
testparm doesn't give any errors.  Do I need to add a configuration entry
during ./configure for oplocks?

2. I used the startup script from the Howto.  After Samba is started, I do a
ps -ax and it shows one smbd daemon and 2 nmbd daemons.  Is this normal to
have two sessions of nmbd running?

3. If I run the stop routine it doesn't give any errors but once again I
check with ps -ax and one of the nmbd sessions is still running.  If I run
stop again it will end the second nmbd.

4. If I run the restart routine it just continues in a loop of giving me the
grep'd ps output.  I could revise this to kill -9 and then restart both
daemons but I wanted to see if anyone else has seen this.

The details of my configuration steps are included at the end of this
message.  If anyone needs more specific information on any error messages or
copies of my smb.conf or startup script (to see if I screwed up), email me
at mailto:rforman at and I'll get them for you.  Otherwise
I'll check the mail list periodically.


Setup Routine:
make clean

./configure --with-pam --with-quotas

edited the Makefile and changed CC=gcc to CC=kgcc (have had major headaches
with RH7's gcc on other packages so I just do this out of habit)


make install

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