win2k with samba pdc

empmp at empmp at
Mon Mar 5 14:10:53 GMT 2001


i've got the following problem:

i'm using samba 2.2.alpha2 and i'm not able to log on it with a win2k
client. I used strictly the pdc-howto and even the exact conf-file won't work.

I want to add the 2k ws to my domain and always after using root as the one
who is allowed to join this machine to the domain, nothing happens. After 3
minutes he says no domain server. If I'm taking an user which doesn't exist,
he says: Sorry, this user doesn't exist. If I'm taking a user which exist but
is no admin, he tells me, that I'm only able to apply ws with admin user.

Is it possible that the problem, which I have comes from the plain patch for
win2k which I have installed ?

Thanx everyone for any help


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