smbstatus failed

MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1) don_mccall at
Mon Mar 5 14:01:29 GMT 2001

Hi Milos,
This will happen if you run smbstatus before any client connections are made
to the machine after starting up
Samba.  The STATUS..LCK file doesn't get created until a connection is
attempted.  Other possible reasons are
That possibly one of the directories along the path /var/lock/samba is not
executable by the person that is running smbstatus (ie the x bit is not set
for everyone, or for the group or user that the user is in), or the file
itself (STATUS..LCK) is not readable (if it exists).  But first just try to
do an smbclient -L machinename, and see if smbstatus will work after that...
Hope this helps,

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		Smbstatus gives:
		Couldn't open status file /var/lock/samba/STATUS..LCK

		Any idea?

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