FW: Speed comp. TNG & 2.2.alpha (fwd)

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba-tng.org
Thu Mar 1 10:48:09 GMT 2001

> I don't think it really tricks the end-user; for the most part in NT, aren't
> the user and group names displayed with icons next to them that indicate the
> type of RID they represent?  So if I pull up the 'file permissions' dialog box
> and see that FOO\vorlon (with a single face next to it) has Full Control (All)
> over the file, and FOO\vorlon (with a globe and two faces) only has Read (RX)
> access to it, no information has been lost in the translation.  The only place
> we have difficulty is if we need to textually disambiguate between the group
> FOO\vorlon and the user FOO\vorlon.

steve, the problem is that as soon as you "dubblclik" on one of those
FOO\vorlon names, you will get either the user or the group, and you won't
know which, and you can't distnguish which, regardless of which one you
dubwclik on.

one of them shouldn't be there.  anyway, see other messsage.

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