Jonathan Graham grahamj at
Fri Jan 26 19:22:03 GMT 2001

> This is another interesting point. I had ignored the "adduser" parameter altogether
> because I shouldn't be adding any users at this point in the game. They are supposedly
> there already. I added it in on someones suggestion, and then noted it failing in the
> log file. I checked it from the command line and discovered that it is failing because
> the user which it is trying to add (the machine account), already exists. Why is it
> trying to add the machine account when it already exists?

I'm assuming here that when one joins the domain the assumption for W2K
machines is that no Machine account exists.

> I tried leaving the machine
> account out, and it fails because the machine isn't present. I'm damned if I do and
> damned if I don't.

Did you take the machine account out of /etc/passwd /etc/shadow and

I was having problems similar to yours up until last night when I got
Samba 2_2 to add the machine account from scratch.  Now I'm having
different problems ;) (For some reason after joining the domain and
restarting the system is claiming that the Machine account password is
incorrect.  This happens both with NT4.0 and W2K).

> Is it possible that things are getting confused between the local password file and
> NIS+? I was keeping everything in the local password file to keep things clean, but
> maybe this won't work.

Got me on that one.  I'm not using NIS at all here.

> Jonathan Graham wrote:
> > This usually means that you are having problems with the "adduser"
> > parameter.  Try running what ever you have "adduser" set to from the
> > command line and see if it fails.
> >
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