Eric Pilger pilger at
Fri Jan 26 18:49:51 GMT 2001

This is another interesting point. I had ignored the "adduser" parameter altogether
because I shouldn't be adding any users at this point in the game. They are supposedly
there already. I added it in on someones suggestion, and then noted it failing in the
log file. I checked it from the command line and discovered that it is failing because
the user which it is trying to add (the machine account), already exists. Why is it
trying to add the machine account when it already exists? I tried leaving the machine
account out, and it fails because the machine isn't present. I'm damned if I do and
damned if I don't.

Is it possible that things are getting confused between the local password file and
NIS+? I was keeping everything in the local password file to keep things clean, but
maybe this won't work.

Jonathan Graham wrote:

> This usually means that you are having problems with the "adduser"
> parameter.  Try running what ever you have "adduser" set to from the
> command line and see if it fails.
> J.

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