Windows 2000 and Samba2.2 - Roaming Profiles

Jonathan Brown jbrown at
Wed Jan 24 23:35:37 GMT 2001

>Things to check:
>If you are using a separate [Profiles] share in the samba config
>file, have you set writable = yes ? If not, you'll have to set
>up mandatory profiles yourself.
>And also with the [Profiles] share, are the Unix permissions
>also set to be writable by the client? Windows 2000 wants to
>create a whole directory, not just a file.

Thanks, I checked those things and I do have a separate "Profiles" share and it is set up as follows:

	comment = User Profiles Share
	path = /home/profiles
	read only = No
	create mask = 0700
	force create mode = 0700
	security mask = 0700
	force security mode = 0700
	directory mask = 0700
	force directory mode = 0700
	directory security mask = 0700
	force directory security mode = 0700

Does this look like it should work?
To be honest, I am not sure what you mean about the Unix permisions set to be writeable by the client...

What's confusing is that it does create most of the directories correctly - only a few of them fail. 
I have found that once the dir structure is created (by the client), if I do a chmod -R 0700 on the user's profile directory,
it works fine until it needs to create a new directory somewhere in there.


>>> Hugh Fisher <Hugh.Fisher at act.cmis.CSIRO.AU> 01/24/01 05:59PM >>>
> Does anyone out there have Samba 2.2 actually working with Windows 2000
> Pro clients, and specifically, using Roaming Profiles?
> Samba is acting as a PDC and works great for Win98. And as far as I can
> tell, everything seems to work with Win2000 EXCEPT the Roaming
> Profiles.
> I can access all the shares, read and write files, even the login script
> works!!! (which I won't need if the profiles would work)

I have Samba 2.2 with Windows 200 clients and roaming profiles
almost work.

In my setup the profiles are stored in the user home directory.
I'm aware of the possible user logs off & next user loads wrong
profile possible bug, but setting up the directory is tricky
and too many apps store stuff in the users profile instead of
their home :-(

Control panel settings, ntuser.dat, etc all get stored just fine
whether in the home directory or in [Profiles]. The one glitch
is that Win200 tries to create a directory
 profiles\Application Data\Microsoft\My\Keys\
and this fails according to the Samba debugging output. Frankly,
I'm not worried about it.

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