samba 2.2.0alpha PDC and w2k

Jonathan Brown jbrown at
Wed Jan 24 23:48:30 GMT 2001

I have the exact same problem. Most other things seem to work great! I have been struggling with this for the last 4 days. And have really no "good" solutions. One way to make it work (at least for me) is to add "CREATOR-OWNER" to each particular user's profie folder on the Win2k workstation. I have not "thoroughly" tested that, but I know it at least seems to work fine. This is not good because you have to do that for each user that logs onto that workstation. I have not found a way to make win2k do this automatically, as it will not let that permission/acl propogate or inherit or whatever they call it.

If you figure this out before I do, please, please let me know.....


>>> "Mu Wu" <wum at> 01/24/01 04:58PM >>>
In today's version of samba 2.2.0 alpha, domain logon works. However, I ran
into a new problem. As the user creates a new profile, some of the
of the profile directory, such as "My Docoments", are d---------. The user's
profile directory cannot be read or write to by the user. Anyone has similar
Mu Wu

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