Dos/win3.11 with samba 2.2

Armand Welsh armand at
Thu Jan 11 15:58:54 GMT 2001

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Sounds more like a permissions problem.  Does the directory have execute
permissions as well as read permissions?

I know it sounds kind of basic, but it's always worth double checking your
filesystem permissions, and also verify if you use the force user or force
group option.  This may also cause an issue.  If all is set correctly, from
the parent directory, try a ( DIR /AH ) to view all hidden files, this will
verify if the directory is hidden, you might also want to try (DIR /AD) to
list all directories, regardless of the other attributes.

It's possible the problem could have to do with some code page issues, but I
doubt it, since you can get in the directory, you just can't SEE the
directory.  Did you try to CD into the directory, even though you can't see
it?  If you can, then it's definately hidden...

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Subject: Dos/win3.11 with samba 2.2

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> Hello all,
>     I was wondering if something has happened with support for dos
> clients in samba 2.2?  I have a samba 2.2 PDC setup on my network
> providing authentication to other samba 2.2 servers.  I have a floppy
> setup for disk imaging which is using dos tcp/ip and win3.11 network
> drivers to map a drive to my Linux raid machine.  When the floppy is
> fully booted and logged onto the network I do a directory listing and no
> files or directory's show up, even though while in the shared path on
> the linux box there are several files/dir's there.  I checked to see if
> the map hidden was set in the smb.conf file and it was not.  So needless
> to say I am stumped on this one.   Also when I am in the imaging program
> I can create a directory with the same name as the one that exits, and
> the files in that directory will become visible, until I change to the
> parent directory in which case the newly created directory disappears.
> Any Ideas on this one?
> Patrick

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