Dos/win3.11 with samba 2.2

Christian Barth barth at
Thu Jan 11 08:14:59 GMT 2001

> Any Ideas on this one?

No ideas, but similar problems. Reported to samba at at 

Subject:  Samba 2.2.0 and MS-Client 3.0: Bug in Directory-Listing?
From:     Christian Barth <barth at>
Date:     2000-11-27 19:32:44


We are currently doing some tests with samba 2.2.0 using the cvs of 
10.11.00 (I know that's not really current, but all w2K-stuff seams 
to work and I havn't read reports like this before):

Wenn connecting form samba 2.2.0 (on Redhat 6.2) to a DOS 6.1 PC 
running MS-Client 3.0 the connection works fine. But doing a "dir" on 
the dos box only some of the files and not alle are displayed. In one 
case only 6 of about 40. I can't see any system behind the files 
being displayed. This set-up works with samba 2.0.7 and basicly the 
same smb.conf.

As MS-Client 3.0 seems to be a summary of drivers, here are the 
Version recorded during startup: 
MS NE2000 NDIS Driver 2.0
Microsoft DOS TCP/IP Protocol Driver 1.0a
Microsoft DOS TCP/IP NEMM Driver 1.0
MS-DOS LAN Manager v2.1 Netbind

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