Dos/win3.11 with samba 2.2

Serg Alexandrov serg at
Fri Jan 12 03:59:37 GMT 2001

Patrick <slu at> said:

> Hello all,
>     I was wondering if something has happened with support for dos
> clients in samba 2.2?  I have a samba 2.2 PDC setup on my network
> providing authentication to other samba 2.2 servers.  I have a floppy
> setup for disk imaging which is using dos tcp/ip and win3.11 network
> drivers to map a drive to my Linux raid machine.  When the floppy is
> fully booted and logged onto the network I do a directory listing and no
> files or directory's show up, even though while in the shared path on
> the linux box there are several files/dir's there.  I checked to see if
> the map hidden was set in the smb.conf file and it was not.  So needless
> to say I am stumped on this one.   Also when I am in the imaging program
> I can create a directory with the same name as the one that exits, and
> the files in that directory will become visible, until I change to the
> parent directory in which case the newly created directory disappears.
> Any Ideas on this one?
> Patrick

So, I have the same problem. Long time I try get help from samba guys, 
but no answer... (

I resolve this problem. I think so. 

Edit file /source/smbd/dir.c
Find function:

BOOL get_dir_entry(connection_struct *conn,char *mask,int dirtype,char *fname,
                   SMB_OFF_T *size,int *mode,time_t *date,BOOL check_descend) 
... skipped .....

  if (!conn->dirptr)                        

 if (strequal(mask, "????????.???"))       
      pstrcpy(mask, "*");                   

  while (!found)                            


Try this...

Best, Serg <serg at>

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