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Wood, Jeremy WoodJ at
Wed Jan 10 20:28:31 GMT 2001

Hello all,
	I am in a bit if a dilemma here.  At my company, which is mostly M$
based, I have been able to talk them into putting a few Linux machines into
place running Samba as file servers.  Some people in the company check to
see when files have arrived on this machine by "browsing" (Network
Nieghborhood) to the Samba Server.  We have recently implemented a password
policy that will be aging the domain logons every 90 days.  Here's my
problem, I need to have the samba server update the smbpasswd file somehow
with the users new domain password.  Most of the people that check this
server for files are barely smart enough to run windows so I can't even get
into having them SSH to the file server and fix the problem themselves.  
	Basically my question is:  When someone changes thier NT doamin
password (say thru Ctl+Alt+Del on NT), how do I automate it so the smbpasswd
on the Samba machine is also updated?

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