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Dan Christopherson danch at
Wed Jan 10 20:43:59 GMT 2001

Look into setting security=server and pointing it at one of your domain
controllers. I've been running a few Solaris and Linux boxes that way for
years now. This way you don't need the local smbpasswd file at all
('though you _do_ still need a local Linux account)

At a higher end, you could look at running samba as a domain member.

On Wed, 10 Jan 2001, Wood, Jeremy wrote:

> Hello all,
> 	I am in a bit if a dilemma here.  At my company, which is mostly M$
> based, I have been able to talk them into putting a few Linux machines into
> place running Samba as file servers.  Some people in the company check to
> see when files have arrived on this machine by "browsing" (Network
> Nieghborhood) to the Samba Server.  We have recently implemented a password
> policy that will be aging the domain logons every 90 days.  Here's my
> problem, I need to have the samba server update the smbpasswd file somehow
> with the users new domain password.  Most of the people that check this
> server for files are barely smart enough to run windows so I can't even get
> into having them SSH to the file server and fix the problem themselves.  
> 	Basically my question is:  When someone changes thier NT doamin
> password (say thru Ctl+Alt+Del on NT), how do I automate it so the smbpasswd
> on the Samba machine is also updated?
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