Strange behaviour in Samba/NT

Tonni Aagesen delphin at
Wed Jan 3 02:57:38 GMT 2001

(this message is postet for fourth time, can'Hi list,

I am having some trouble running Samba (2.0.7 on debian-potatoe) as PDC for
two NT-workstations (4.0 with SP6) at my home-network.
At first glance it seems to work allright; domain-logons, roaming profiles
etc. is working as it should. However, if I leave one or both of the
workstations on e.g. during the night multiple network-drives has been
connected in the morning.
When I logon to the PDC the drive - tonni on 'fileserver' (Z:) - connects
containing my profile, but when leaving the computer untouched for some
time, the Z drive seems to copy itself so that I also have: tonni on
'fileserver' (G:), tonni on 'fileserver' (H:) and so on.
To me it looks like the connections between the PDC and workstations are
somehow lost and therefor it reconnects. It should be noted that I can
access all the drives and they all contain my profile. It should also be
noted that the applies to both workstations.

Please have in mind that I am new to this mailing-list and samba.

Best regards
Tonni Aagesen, Denmark
t see my own messages)
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