Multiple-location project

G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at
Thu Dec 27 02:21:03 GMT 2001

I'm about to launch into my largest Samba project ever, having
previously used Samba 2.0.x to share directories from my local
webservers for easy maintenance. Now I want to replace six NT servers in
six separate locations with Samba. I'm open to using the 3.0 Alpha
stuff, trading the need to go through more revisions to eliminate the
later need for a major overhaul.

The six locations are connected by Smoothwall firewalls with working
IpSec tunnels. Not all offices will be connected to all other offices,
but most offices will have at least two connections. All will be
connected to one server here, which will serve as the PDC (and will run
automatic backups of the other servers). Currently, each office is its
own domain with an NT4 PDC, a structure which has been outgrown. (By
that I mean I'm tired of driving to an office to add a user.)

I want to be able to handle all user administration centrally.

I've read the long HowTo, which seems to suggest that 3.0 (or TNG) has
all the stuff I need when combined with PAM and Winbind. Is there a
better place to start reading? Has anyone else done something close to
this? Is there another of the Samba mailing lists that would be a better
resource, or one that I should also be following?

Suggestions are welcome. Wish me luck.

Van Van Horn


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