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there seem to be 2 approaches:
1) Change the + into a \ (There is a parameter for this in smb.conf). This
will probably solve your problem since all clients which are PART of a
domain will ALWAYS send the domain name along with the username. Only
client computers which are NOT part of a domain don't send the domain\
prefix. I didn't notice this in the beginning because my own workstation
(As opposed to the users' workstation) is NOT part of the domain ...

2) Look into nsswitch/winbindd_utils.c at the end there is the function
that splits the supplied username into doman and user. Change it as you
like to suit your case.

I don't know wether my patch every made it into any official version of
Samba. I used 2.2.1 which didn't include the winbindd at all so I had to
take the winbindd from Samba 2.0.x (which went without problem). Maybe
current Samba 2.2.2+ has it included again.

In any case, probably solution 1) will solve your problem.


PS: I did this work at least half a year ago and sent at least 10 messages
to samba-ntdom about this and relating issues.

You are the *FIRST* to ever answer any of those mails ...

PPS: Since then I moved the list to digest and only skimp over it ...

 On Wed, 26 Dec 2001, Paul Schilling wrote:

> Hello,
> >>
> 1. Since I don't have local users on the Linux box I need usernames
> WITHOUT a domain also be looked up in the domain (the default behaviour
> is
> to lookup only users WITH a domain, e.g. CC+schapiro). For this I
> patched
> the nsswitch/winbindd_utils.c file, my version is attached at the
> end. Maybe it should be included in the HEAD branch, but also maybe with
> a
> parameter.
> <<
> I have the exact same problem - I have gotten winbind to work fine but
> need to be able to drop the 'DOMAIN+'prefix in 'DOMAIN+username'.
> I am not that experienced with HEAD or CVS...what would be the best way
> for me to get the latest version of winbind so I can get the same
> results you got?
> Thanks,
> Paul

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