Samba looses session passwords

Jarek Woloszyn yossa at
Sun Dec 23 04:27:03 GMT 2001

I've got a small network with Samba working as PDC,
and 15 Windows NT 4.0 Clients.

I've configured everything correctly, Samba serves files,
and makes all authentication. 

The problem is, when I log in on a few Windowses as the same user,
then restart theese machines. 
Sometimes samba looses Session passwords. When I try to log in again,
Windows says, that there is no machine account or the password is wrong.
Then I need to run smbpasswd -a -m name on samba, switch Windows
to work in workgroup, and again to work in the domain. It starts 
working again.

I have no idea whats wrong. Actually I don't need this session
passwords, because it's very small, and closed network - is there any
way to turn it off?

I have samba 2.2.1a - should I upgrade to 2.2.2? I don't have direct
access to the server, i don't want to make something wrong over ssh.

 ( Jarek Woloszyn ) ( yossa at ) ( member of the GNU generation )

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