[ANNOUNCE] End-Of-Life for Samba-ntdom List on Jan. 7, 2002

Marcel Kunath kunathma at pilot.msu.edu
Wed Dec 26 12:56:04 GMT 2001

I am staying away from buying any samba book right now since none offer
updated material for 2/.2 series. I figure by the time one updates it 3.0 will
be out. =)


> > Let's try this again... >
> On Fri, 21 Dec 2001 15:39:53 -0500 (EST), Adam Williams wrote:
> >This list used to
> >have a better signal-to-noise ratio,  but recently it's all become old hat
> >questions (Does it support WinY2k,  How to a set it up, etc...)  From what
> >I see there is no point in to seperate lists anymore,  we are no longer
> >using stuff everyone else doesn't dare touch.
> Well, I wrote to the publisher and author of the "Samba Unleashed" book, which

> I have found to be one of the best Linux books I have purchased, to encourage
> them to revise the book to cover some of the latest changes to Samba (2.2.2 fo
> example) but I have seen a response. With an updated book, covering such
> "noise" topics I'm sure we could refer a lot of sales of the book with the
> email list. I would probably have less questions to ask - being new to Linux i
> general / looking to replace my OS/2 multi-purpose servers with Linux ones.
> Any other votes to update the book? Any Samba folks have good contact with the

> author to see if there is anything that could be done to help things along to
> an update?
> Happy Holidays!
> Michael Lueck
> Lueck Data Systems
> http://www.lueckdatasystems.com/

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