logon from a w2k on a samba 2.2.2 PDC

Luis lmo2000 at terra.es
Sun Dec 23 10:04:10 GMT 2001

Hi, I've configured my samba as a PDC....

All works fine when I logon from a W9X/ME, but when I logon from my W2K i have some problems.

I've added a new user to my linux with:

useradd -g 100 -d /dev/null -c dylan -m -s /bin/false dylan$

and to smbpasswd file with:

smbpasswd -a -m dylan

I've added the W2K workstation to the domain (its name is DYLAN) at the MY PC --> properties,
it do it fine, but when I restart the system and try to logon I get the message:

"There is no account for the machine on the domain" or something similar in spanish....

I've tryed to do it changing dylan by DYLAN, but nothing... DYLAN can be added to de domain
but when I restart and try to logon, i get the same message again.... I've looked for information, but
all appears to be well...

Why, can't I logon???

Thank you....
Luis <lmo2000 at terra.es>

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