samba as PDC with ldap

Doug Douglass samba at
Thu Dec 13 14:57:06 GMT 2001


can you see the sambaAccount entry for this Win2k machine in your directory?
Are the acctFlags set correctly ([M     ])? Are lmPassword and ntPassword

I use Samba 2.2.1a with ldap support. As a habit I create the sambaAccount
entry in my directory before trying to join the machine to the domain and
have had no problems.


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> Hello,
> I'm using samba2.2.2 with ldap supporting as PDC under redhat
> linux, win2000
> as clients.
> I setup ldap server and import  the corresponding file to it, and it seems
> that
> samba works well without as a PDC since I can access samba file.
> But now I want it to be a PDC. I can join the domain from
> win2000, but can't
> login . There is a meesage like "no trusted relation between this machine
> and
> PDC" since my computer isn't in english language environment.
> I doubt that ldap server may cause it. I read samba-ldap-howto, but it for
> NT.
> I found that win2000 differs from NT, so i really don't know how
> i should
> organise the entry in ldap server.
> Is there anyone successful in doing that?
> Thanks for any help.
> Regards,
> Carl

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