samba as PDC with ldap

=?gb2312?B?Y2FybC5odWFuZyBb/FO9qORoXQ==?= carl.huang at
Wed Dec 12 18:00:03 GMT 2001


I'm using samba2.2.2 with ldap supporting as PDC under redhat linux, win2000
as clients.
I setup ldap server and import  the corresponding file to it, and it seems
samba works well without as a PDC since I can access samba file.

But now I want it to be a PDC. I can join the domain from win2000, but can't
login . There is a meesage like "no trusted relation between this machine
PDC" since my computer isn't in english language environment. 

I doubt that ldap server may cause it. I read samba-ldap-howto, but it for
I found that win2000 differs from NT, so i really don't know how  i should 
organise the entry in ldap server.

Is there anyone successful in doing that?
Thanks for any help.


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