Password expiration after joining Domain

Greg Goodrich ggoodrich at
Wed Dec 5 08:25:06 GMT 2001

Well, I'm not certain that everyone is having the problem, but I am, and a few
of my colleagues are as well.  I am running Win2K SP2, and I have tinkered
around with the local account policies on my machine, but my local policy is set
so that Minimum password and Maximum password age are both zero, which I believe
states no forced changes.  I'm certainly not 100% certain that samba is the
culprit in this case, but we switched from an NT4 domain to a samba domain, and
this wasn't happening on the NT4 domain.  I guess I just wish there was better
information on how all this stuff works, especially through samba.

Greg Zartman wrote:

> > I'm having the same issues, so if you find the answer to this problem,
> please let me know.  Also, if anyone on the
> > list knows, I'd appreciate it.  TIA,
> This behavior is most strange.  I've setup samba 2.x.x on numerous networks
> and have never seen this...  I'm wondering if it is a client thing???
> Does it happen on multiple clients?  What about different client OSs?
> Have you tried posting your smb.conf to the list?  I don't think the problem
> is in here, but I've been proven wrong before.
> Regards,
> Greg

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