Password expiration after joining Domain

Greg Zartman gzart at
Wed Dec 5 10:01:04 GMT 2001

> this wasn't happening on the NT4 domain.  I guess I just wish there was
> information on how all this stuff works, especially through samba.
Well, I'm certainly not aware of Samba functionality to expire passwords.
If you are using policies, then they are the likely culprit.  The other
thing that can cause headaches is trying to implement roaming profiles.  Get
Samba working before you play around with roaming profiles.  I agree that
it's difficult to find good information on Samba in one place, but there is
ALOT of good information out there.  Like I said in my previous message,
post your smb.conf file.  People can't help you if can't see how you are
setup.  The more information you provide, the more responses you will likely

In terms of references:  I started with the book, Using Samba, and then read
some of the FAQs and HowTo documents.   From here, I started playing with
samba and reading the man pages.

Good luck.

Greg Zartman

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