Samba 2.2.2 --with-ldapsam configure error

Philip Burrow phil.burrow at
Sun Dec 2 10:52:02 GMT 2001

> You would need to extract the patches from cvs at:
> You can read about how to use the web interface to cvs and the branch
> tagging.

Okay, I managed to get it working with the stable 2.2.2 from CVS. I have a
RedHat7.2 test box and it configured flawlessly on that, and the box I was
having problems with was a modified RH6.2. Basically I upgraded GCC, make
and automake on 6.2 and it worked.

I still get errors in the log regarding LFS support, but I'll bring that up
in the relevant mailing list.

Thanks for your help.


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