Samba, Win2000 and trust between samba

David Levitan david at
Mon Apr 23 22:22:14 GMT 2001

An idea not using samba:
I assume that this is a redundant server. If the primary goes down, you
want the seconday to kick in. In this case, what about setting up a
heartbeat (and the rest of the redundancy stuff found  in the HOW-TOs)
to immediately transfer all ips, and the like to the backup server if
the primary goes down. If anything fails, you simply start samba up, and
everything works. Once the other machine goes back online, the process

Luis Cordeiro wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm having some problems with samba.
> I have two servers with redhat 7.0 and samba 2.2. The computers that are
> making autentification though samba have Win2000 (witch is working when
> having only one domain).
> My problem is that I need to have the possibility to logon on the Win2000
> machines using the two servers. I've heard that I could use the trust
> between the two samba servers. But I've read in some documents (perhaps not
> the right ones) that that's not possible to do.
> My question is: is it possible? if so how to? if not is there another way to
> do it?
> Thanks,
> Luis

David Levitan

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