Samba, Win2000 and trust between samba

Patrick slu at
Mon Apr 23 23:02:11 GMT 2001

You will need to have one machine setup as the authentication machine.  You will
also have to add a machine account for the other server.  Then for the other
machine you will need to have 'security = domain' and 'password server = <name
of server>' set in the smb.conf. then you will have to issue the command
'smbpasswd -j <Domain>' for the machine to join the domain.


Luis Cordeiro wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm having some problems with samba.
> I have two servers with redhat 7.0 and samba 2.2. The computers that are
> making autentification though samba have Win2000 (witch is working when
> having only one domain).
> My problem is that I need to have the possibility to logon on the Win2000
> machines using the two servers. I've heard that I could use the trust
> between the two samba servers. But I've read in some documents (perhaps not
> the right ones) that that's not possible to do.
> My question is: is it possible? if so how to? if not is there another way to
> do it?
> Thanks,
> Luis

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