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Wed Apr 25 14:20:02 GMT 2001

Hi Andre,
A clarification from my original reply - I hadn't read yet an earlier
message that indicates that you wanted to do this for testing purposes,
where you will have two versions of samba on the same box, and bring one or
the other up at different times for testing.
If this is the intent, the --prefix=/opt/samba2  will probably do it for
you; as to bringing up one or the other version:
ps -ef|grep -e SMBD -e NMBD|grep -v grep|awk '{print $2}'|xargs kill

should bring down the currently running version of Samba (tested on HP-UX;
syntax may vary depending on what version of *nix you are running...)
(but after doing this, do a ps -ef|grep -e smbd -e nmbd just to make sure,
and kill any daemons that the first sweep didn't get).
Then cd to either /opt/samba/bin or /opt/samba2/bin (whichever version you
want to bring up)
and type ./nmbd -D
         ./smbd -D

REMEMBER that the location of some files, like the smbpasswd and log files
can be controlled by lines in your smb.conf, and these will override
whatever samba was compiled with; so make sure you don't just copy over your
old smb.conf file to the new directory, if you have any path specific lines
in your smb.conf file...

Hope this helps,

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hi all,
very simple question:
when i configure samba_2.2.0 with --prefix=/opt/samba2 
are all files stored in this directory or are there files who will be
stored in other dirs,
perhaps smb.conf in /etc ... i don´t know and i can´t test it.
i want to install all (really all) files in only one (really one) dir.
is all i have to do --prefix=/opt/samba2 or have i to do something
thanks for answers,

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