configure --prefix

Andre Dirr ad at
Wed Apr 25 14:35:48 GMT 2001

hi don, hi all others,
it works!!! two different versions of samba on one machine!!! not both
at the same time, but now i can kill the original version (that works
correctly) and start the new version for testing. after the tests i kill
the new one and start the old version again.
very good! thank you.

"MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1)" wrote:
> Hi Andre,
> A clarification from my original reply - I hadn't read yet an earlier
> message that indicates that you wanted to do this for testing purposes,
> where you will have two versions of samba on the same box, and bring one or
> the other up at different times for testing.
> If this is the intent, the --prefix=/opt/samba2  will probably do it for
> you; as to bringing up one or the other version:
> ps -ef|grep -e SMBD -e NMBD|grep -v grep|awk '{print $2}'|xargs kill
> should bring down the currently running version of Samba (tested on HP-UX;
> syntax may vary depending on what version of *nix you are running...)
> (but after doing this, do a ps -ef|grep -e smbd -e nmbd just to make sure,
> and kill any daemons that the first sweep didn't get).
> Then cd to either /opt/samba/bin or /opt/samba2/bin (whichever version you
> want to bring up)
> and type ./nmbd -D
>          ./smbd -D
> REMEMBER that the location of some files, like the smbpasswd and log files
> can be controlled by lines in your smb.conf, and these will override
> whatever samba was compiled with; so make sure you don't just copy over your
> old smb.conf file to the new directory, if you have any path specific lines
> in your smb.conf file...

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