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MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1) don_mccall at
Wed Apr 25 13:53:01 GMT 2001

Sorry Andre,
That won't do it - --prefix sets up the base directory for samba, under
which other directories (lib, var, docs,private, ....) will be created.  To
actually have all files in a single directory, you would need to hack the
resulting Makefile, looking to change the various path variables like
But there ought to be a REALLY good reason why you are doing this, as you
are mixing up configuration files, binaries, logfiles, VERY private password
file, etc in a single directory, and this sounds like very poor
management/security strategy on its face.
Hope this helps,

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hi all,
very simple question:
when i configure samba_2.2.0 with --prefix=/opt/samba2 
are all files stored in this directory or are there files who will be
stored in other dirs,
perhaps smb.conf in /etc ... i don´t know and i can´t test it.
i want to install all (really all) files in only one (really one) dir.
is all i have to do --prefix=/opt/samba2 or have i to do something
thanks for answers,

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