Problem accessing Win2k Share from Win98 Box

Daniel Sandmeier Daniel.Sandmeier at
Wed Apr 25 12:23:17 GMT 2001

Hello there,

I just installed the Samba 2.2 final two days ago and after some
small starting problems, I had a wondefull PDC for my Win2k
Workstation. One day later I tried to join the domain with a Win98 box
and everything seemed fine.
I can accesss samba shares without problems, but since then I am not
able anymore to access any share on my win2k-wks from the win98-box.
When I look into the network-neighbourhood I can see the win2k-box,
but when clicking on it, I get an error message saying "User account
has expired" (just translated it from German to ENglish, so I don't
know the exact phrase in English!).
Vice versa everything works well, I can access the Win98-box and even
the shares
I first thought "Hey, must be Windows not Samba" and so I searched and
searched and searched but found nothing relating this topic. So now
I'm not quite sure if it is a Problem of Win2k or a problem of win9x
or even a problem of my Samba Configuration.

So if this IS obviously a Win2k bug/misconfiguration, then does anyone
know where to find docs about this.

Oh, btw. sorry for my English.....just learning!!!!!!


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