Changing password

Steffen Moser moser at
Wed Apr 25 08:17:24 GMT 2001

Hello Roy,

Roy Thomas wrote:

> I have configured my PDC with Samba.2.2 off release..
> I am trying to change thE password form an NT workstation.
> but this option doesn't work. it giver an error
> Can someone help me on this

I had a very similar problem after the upgrade to "samba-2.2.0"... We
don't have WinNT workstations, but only Win95/Win98 at the moment. Our
users were no longer able to change their passwords via Windows'
password changing dialogue as well as via "smbpasswd".

I did some tests and found out that the problem only appears when using
"unix password sync = yes". But we need this feature and it ran quite
well before the upgrade. We didn't have to set "passwd chat" before, it
worked (using 2.0.x) without any problems using the default "passwd
chat" (samba is running on SuSE Linux 6.3 and uses "/usr/bin/passwd"
(with option "%u") that came with the SuSE distribution to change the
user's unix password).

Then I tried to set a "passwd chat" which fits to the dialogue that our
"/usr/bin/passwd" uses. After that I was able to change the password (as
non-root) via "smbpasswd" and via Windows's dialog again!

So I think (if you use "unix password sync") you can try to set a
"passwd chat" manually. Perhaps it solves your problem, too. 

The string that I have set looks like:

  passwd chat = New* %n\n *password* %n\n *changed*

I haven't had enough time to do further investigation, yet. I am sure
that this line was not necessary before the upgrade. ;-)


Best regards,

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