Samba as member server in Win2k domain

Dan Perik dan_perik-work at
Mon Apr 16 05:05:50 GMT 2001

Martin Radford wrote:

> > for their authentication.  Unfortunately, the Win2000 domain
> > is running Active Directory, not "legacy" WinNT mode.
> All Windows 2000 domains run Active Directory.  I assume you mean it's
> in "natie" mode, as opposed to "mixed" mode.
> > My question is, can Samba participate in a Win2000 domain as
> > a member server?  This is the deal, the 2 Win2000 servers
> Yes.

A question in this.  Does the Win2000 domain need to be in "mixed" mode in
order for the Samba server to be able to be a member server in the
domain?  Or can the Samba server be a member server in a "native" Win2000
domain?  I ask because our existing Win2000 domain is running in native
mode, and to convert means a reinstall (of course, it's a M$ product).

- Dan

- Dan Perik
Computer Services Department
Lapilo Center
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