Printing from NT to Linux

Evelyn Huang evelyn at
Mon Apr 16 07:00:05 GMT 2001


     I use RedHat 6.2 with samba-2.0.7.
     When I tried to print from NT to Linux, I encountered the following
     I can print locally and from a remote Linux to my Linux server.
But it says, "File, directory name or disk label usage fault" when I
tried to print from NT to Linux.  A print queue has already been
properly set up on Linux while the filter is left blank, which is tested
ok locally.  A proper driver on NT is installed along with the process
of printer setup wizard on NT through Network
Neighbor.  And SAMBA works fine in terms of file sharing.
The shared printer of Linux can be seen on NT as well.  There is no
problem with the permissions regarding print queue cuz I've set
/var/spool/lpd/lp2 as writable for user, group and other.  For your
reference, the content of /etc/printcap is provided as below.


    print command=lpr -b -P%p %s
    lpq command=lpq -P%p
    lprm command=lprm -P%p %j

     Is there anything missing?
    I'll really appreciate it if you can answer this question for me!

Evelyn Huang

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