Is there a Samba LDAP mailing list?

Mike Jackson jacksonm at
Thu Sep 28 16:13:54 GMT 2000

On Thu, 28 Sep 2000, Jim Morris wrote:
> Hello Mike,

> Do you have Samba working with an LDAP directory service?  If so, what
> version of Samba are you currently running?  Just curious...  I've not
> had a version of Samba that worked with LDAP properly since the
> 1999/10/15 "MAIN" version that you can only get via CVS.  I've not
> messed with it much since earlier in the year though...

 I don't have it working, nor have I ever had it working despite
various attempts mostly related to compiling on solaris. I currently have the
rest of my services working with LDAP, such as intranet smtp mail routing to
various mail servers, imap authentication, linux workstation logins, and apache
authentication. Samba is the final piece, but I can't put a non-stable release
into a production environment unless I can get some detailed examples and
conversation with others who are working with the same issues. 

 Maybe if there are enough interested people, we can get some sort of
discussions going. When Samba PDC LDAP arrives, you will see an explosion of
the number of Samba servers in corporate IT server rooms. This will be the
thing that will allow companies to avoid win2k's active directory and all of
it's proprietary schemas, licensing fees, etc. I am just itching to get about
10 of these systems into production.


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