Is there a Samba LDAP mailing list?

Jim Morris Jim at
Thu Sep 28 13:36:12 GMT 2000

Hello Mike,

Thursday, September 28, 2000, 2:07:42 AM, you wrote:

MJ>  I am curious as to whether there is a mailing list specifically dealing with
MJ> Samba LDAP? If not, are there enough interested people to start one? This LDAP
MJ> integration is VERY important IMHO. It is the last step in implementing a
MJ> single account creation system in a mixed environment of
MJ> unix,windows,apache,squid servers and workstations. 

There is not currently a mailing list devoted to Samba's LDAP
integration capabilities.  Most discussion of LDAP that I've seen in
the past has happened on this (NTDOM) mailing list, for lack of a
better forum.

Do you have Samba working with an LDAP directory service?  If so, what
version of Samba are you currently running?  Just curious...  I've not
had a version of Samba that worked with LDAP properly since the
1999/10/15 "MAIN" version that you can only get via CVS.  I've not
messed with it much since earlier in the year though...

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