Is there a Samba LDAP mailing list?

Jim Morris Jim at
Thu Sep 28 16:42:25 GMT 2000

Hello Mike,

Thursday, September 28, 2000, 11:13:54 AM, you wrote:

MJ>  I don't have it working, nor have I ever had it working despite
MJ> various attempts mostly related to compiling on solaris. I currently have the
MJ> rest of my services working with LDAP, such as intranet smtp mail routing to
MJ> various mail servers, imap authentication, linux workstation logins, and apache
MJ> authentication. Samba is the final piece, but I can't put a non-stable release
MJ> into a production environment unless I can get some detailed examples and
MJ> conversation with others who are working with the same issues. 

I've got the last "stable" version I know of that works with LDAP
available for anonymous ftp on my home server, if you are interested
in trying to compile it:

I've also got a copy of OpenLDAP there, along with the OpenLDAP
configuration files I used, and some schema examples.

Shameless plug:  there is a chapter written by yours truly on this
subject in the recently published book "Special Edition: Using Samba"
by Que.  For the purposes of the book, I found that TNG was unusable
and too unstable. The samba "main" version from 10/15/1999 was about
the most stable that was fairly close in functionality to Samba 2.0.6
(current Samba release when I was working on the book), and that had
working LDAP support.

The LDAP schema used by Samba *TNG* changed a good bit after the
release of Windows 2000 earlier this year - the book doesn't really
cover that, as the text was written back in January-February.  I had
it all working with NT4 and Win95/98 clients at the time I was working
on it though...

MJ>  Maybe if there are enough interested people, we can get some sort of
MJ> discussions going. When Samba PDC LDAP arrives, you will see an explosion of
MJ> the number of Samba servers in corporate IT server rooms. This will be the
MJ> thing that will allow companies to avoid win2k's active directory and all of
MJ> it's proprietary schemas, licensing fees, etc. I am just itching to get about
MJ> 10 of these systems into production.

I would love to see it myself, as I am getting seriously tired of
managing accounts on multiple Samba servers in multiple facilities...

Best regards,
 Jim                            mailto:Jim at

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