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Jonathan Graham grahamj at
Wed Sep 27 12:04:08 GMT 2000

> If you will corrdinate with me, I'll put you to work :-)
> Just tell me what you are interested in...
> > *IS* there a defined project manager?  Someone to act 
> > as full-time liason between the core developers and 
> > the population at large?  Someone to regularly supply 
> > updates to the web pages about progress, and current needs?
> No. and I will apologize for this.  No excuses.  We all
> work in a somewhat isolated workspace.  Jeremy is in charge 
> of being the release manage for 2.2.  Andrew in in charge of
> HEAD.  We corrdinate together which can make it make to pinpoint
> a set of things that need to be outside of our head.

  Is this "project leader" something you're looking for?  I'm a technical
lead at my company, so although I still code (and I'm a dem fine coder
too. :) ) I also am the PL for my team.  I've been wanting to get involved
in the SAMBA project for a while now (Luke had me working on smbtorture
for a little bit) but I knowing very little about the CIFS RPC system was
a bit of a problem. So although I didn't think I had the time to grapple
with the RPC learning curve it's likely that I can help as a co-ordinator.
  If you think this would be helpful.  Let me know.  Samba has been a
great help in maintaining my network at home.  I'd be happy to put
something back into the community.


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