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Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu Sep 28 04:14:16 GMT 2000

Jonathan Graham wrote:
>   Is this "project leader" something you're looking 
> for?  I'm a technical lead at my company, so although 
> I still code (and I'm a dem fine coder too. :) ) I also 
> am the PL for my team.  I've been wanting to get involved
> in the SAMBA project for a while now (Luke had me 
> working on smbtorture for a little bit) but I 
> knowing very little about the CIFS RPC system was
> a bit of a problem. So although I didn't think I had 
> the time to grapple with the RPC learning curve 
> it's likely that I can help as a co-ordinator.
>   If you think this would be helpful.  Let me know.  Samba 
> has been a great help in maintaining my network at 
> home.  I'd be happy to put something back into the community.

Thanks Jonathan.  I'll keep that in mind.  Right now, my 
gut feeling is that TODO list coordinator will need to be 
tied very closely with the day to day development work in 
order to be aware of what needs to be done.  I could be wrong
of course (that would be nice).  I think I need to get the 
ball rolling before I decide.

Cheers, jerry
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