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Buchan Milne bgmilne at
Wed Sep 27 13:44:47 GMT 2000

Any printer you connect to a linux box directly needs an entry in the
printcap file. Any "local" (mapped woudl be the windows term) network
printers also do.

The best tool for this on Redhat is redhat's "printtool". Unfortunately
you need X to run this (unlike Mandrake's "printerdrake"), but if you
have a Redhat box with X on, you could probably set one up from there.


"James W. Beauchamp" wrote:
> I have Samba 2.07 currently running under RH Linux 6.2 with mostly NTWS
> connecting.  Samba provides all application and data shares.  I would like
> to enable domain logons but am confused about how printing works.  I have
> read the domain printing text file and just need to know do I have to setup
> a printcap file for all printers served by the domain? If so, does anyone
> know of a source for printcap files for HP printers.  I am a linux/unix
> newbie and don't think I know enough to build one.... yet :)) I don't seem
> to have problems with my HP 4 and 5's, but I have an odd ball HP ColorproCAD
> that doesn't seem to work at all (all have jetdirect cards) I know that part
> of the question is off topic, but this list is loaded with people already
> doing this.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> James
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